Need to Get More Reviews?

Would You Like To DRASTICALLY multiply the number of reviews you receive on Google, Facebook & Yelp?

Are you struggling with Reviews for your business?  Wondering how to get them?  Not really understanding how this whole thing works?  Embarrassed to ask customers (or unsure how to ask) to get more reviews?  Stuck with only a few?  Wondering how your competitor gets dozens while you’re stuck with barely any?  And don’t really have the time to figure out how to do it, nor the money to pay an expensive consultant to arrange for them? 

Did you know that a huge part of Google’s algorithm of where to rank your website on Google Search is based on your reviews?  Not just the reviews on Google alone, either.  Google reaches out to gather your reviews from Facebook and Yelp and other industry specific sites to help them determine your worthiness for a higher ranking.  If you are not focusing on your reviews, you are actually inhibiting the online growth of your business.

Need to Eliminate Bad Reviews?

Wouldn’t you like to Know IN ADVANCE if a Customer is leaving a BAD Review before it ever gets posted…..and have a chance to intervene to turn it into a GOOD Review for your business?

It only takes ONE upset customer to pick up their phone or jump on their computer or tablet to type a negative review for your business to start losing customers.

Plus with the amount of different places available for a customer to leave a review online it makes tracking Reviews almost impossible without having a staff member (or yourself) constantly manually visiting multiple sites just to monitor social media. 

Businesses work so hard to build their reputation and service and to have one customer potentially ruin your entire reputation is a risk no business wants to take. Even checking your reputation once a week is too long, by that time the damage of a bad review during that period could already be done and prospects and potential customers moving on to a competitor.

For ONLY $119.95/month, our Reputation Management Software will do BOTH for you.

All you do is send a text to your customer at the end of the sale or the service call.

Sounds TOO EASY? Sounds too good to be true? Have a few questions?….We have a few answers!

Q: I hate texting.  Do I have to text the customer to get more reviews?

No.  Although texting has shown to be the overwhelmingly best way to get a response from the customer, you have the option to email them the request for review.  However, with the ever growing email spam problem and delayed focus of accessing email, we have found that texting is by far the most effective way to get the customer to take action and give you that review.

However, if you prefer, you can send customized emails, in bulk or one by one, to your customers. This is a very non-invasive method and can also have great results. Email is usually the best when using automation. For instance, use Zapier to connect directly to your CRM or spreadsheet and send review requests automatically.

Q: Will Reputation Signals intervene for every bad review?

Absolutely YES…….IF (and only if) they are submitted by responding to our software (embedded into your text).  However, if a customer goes directly on their own to your Google / Facebook / Yelp listing to leave a review, we cannot intervene.  The way to avoid this happening is to send them their text inviting them to review a/s/a/p after closing the sale or providing the service.  Immediacy also eliminates the possibility of any buyers remorse or developing post service problems entering into their level of satisfaction.

Q: What Review sites does this work with?

Your reviews on Google Local / Google Maps, and Facebook, and Yelp are all included in the setup of our software.  If you do not have a Yelp or Facebook account and do not want them included, we can easily arrange for only one or two of those sites to be included.  For instance, if you are only interested in your Google Local Reviews, that’s all we set up for. When the customer taps on the logo of the site(s) they want to leave a Review at, our software takes them directly to access your Review Page at that site.  And yes, they can leave a review at one, two, or all three Review sites if they want.  All they do is go back to the text they received, and click on a second, (or third) logo to leave multiple Reviews.

Q: How do I send this text or email to get more reviews?  Do I need to use my cellphone?

There are two ways to communicate the Review Request to the customer.  The first is to load our FREE APP onto your cellphone, or that of an employee who might do so for you.  Open the App, type in the customers name and cellphone number (or email address) and hit the Send Button.  It’s that simple.  The app is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

If you prefer not to use a cellphone, alternatively, you can log into our website using your assigned username and password via any browser.  Here you will find ( in addition to all your reviews) a box from which you can text or email the customer with the use of a phone.

There is no software to load onto your machine.  You can access our site via any Windows, Apple, Android or Chromebook device whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your cellphone.

Q: Am I locked in for a long time?

You’re not locked in at all, and there is never a contract or Annual Subscription. You can cancel your account at any time and you won’t be charged another cent. Not only that, but you’ll be able to keep using Reputation Signals right up until the end of the current billing period.  (However, we do not prorate refunds for mid-month cancellations.)

Q: Is there a free trial?

No! Although we want you to feel comfortable and experience Reputation Signals working for you, we spend quite a bit of effort to set up your account, and you will have the system working hard for you within hours. Your total exposure is $59.95 and if you are not satisfied with the number of reviews you are receiving, simply cancel within your first month.  To cancel, simply send an email requesting cancellation to [email protected]

Q: How much do you charge for support?

Nothing. As much support as you need is completely free. Of course, we’ve tried to make Reputation Signals so easy to use that we don’t think there’s much chance you’ll need it, but if you do, just Contact Our Support and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day

And Here’s What Reputation Monitoring Looks Like !

Limited time Complimentary Setup

Normally $99.….Setup includes connecting to your Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, Nextdoor Reviews, and/or Yelp Reviews.  Additionally, we will customize the messages to your clients for your approval, incorporate your logo and color scheme, and support the installation of the Review App on your preferred cellphone platform.

Good Reviews are AUTOMATICALLY published on the web for the world to see!

Here’s an even closer look.  On the right is a demonstration of how you would text an invitation to review, to your recent customer, by text.  Here is a view of what you will send, and a view of what they will see…

Once they read your text and click on the link, they now have the option of giving you any number of stars they choose, and then they select the logo(s) of Google, Facebook or Yelp, whichever they are most comfortable with, and whichever they have an account…

They are then automatically transported to whichever site they chose, and if they leave you 4 or 5 stars, their review is automatically published on whichever site they selected.

But if they gave you three, two or one star…..see below

Bad Reviews are automatically diverted and NEVER get published

Reviews of 3, 2, or 1 star ARE NOT SENT ALONG TO BE AUTO-POSTED online into your Google, Facebook or Yelp account.  Instead they are diverted directly to you, so you to become aware of the bad review, and so you can take action on the review.  Reputation Signals offers the opportunity to “filter” a negative review from publication on your sites, and also the opportunity to contact and convert an unhappy customer into a happy customer … therefore intervening in a negative review and turning it into a positive review.  Improve your customer relations and customer service to the level we are sure you strive for.  Choose Reputation Signals.

Take Control of your Reviews. Don't let your Reviews control YOU